Rate My Post (Not Really)

So I was looking around at the site I’m using, and I found another genre here. This is called by the community Rate My Team (RMT). In this genre, users post their group of Pokemon and others give them feedback. What makes this a genre is that there is always the same format. I even went to a different site and found that those posts had the exact same formatting. Other users who post followups also have a similar way of replying. While not as strictly formatted, the replies include some of the same ideas: Replace this Pokemon with that Pokemon, this move with that move, that’s a great team. The repliers often bold important things for the original poster to change. People regularly switch from posting their own teams to be rated to rating other people’s teams.


4 responses to “Rate My Post (Not Really)

  1. I think you found a great genre that you community uses, it really shows the interaction between members in your community. I’m really interested to see more of your posts, your community is pretty unique so I’m interested to see what you will find.

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