Pokemon 099: A Newbie Experience (Abridged)

What does a newbie (someone who is new or a novice) experience when they are first looking into Competitive Battling? What draws them to it? I myself was drawn to this community because I’ve had an interest in Pokemon for a long time. I like the fact that people can come together over something as (some people would say) pointless as Pokemon. One poster in the Newbie Lounge (see below) adds to this: ‘Hey everyone! Ive wanted to join a pokemon forum for while now. Mostly because Im such a pokenerd, and none of my friends are. I wanted to to talk to others who shared my love of pokemon…’ [sic]. This community exists so people can come together with like-minded people.

So here it is, the newbie experience. With the main site I’m studying, the first thing newbies see is a thread containing the rules of the site. These rules help the community feeling and inhibit ‘bad’ people from just being mean.

The second place the newbie probably goes to the ‘Newbie Lounge‘. The subtitle says it all: ‘New to the forums? Don’t know what to do or just want to say hi? Get help and greetings back here!’ It’s a great way for newbies to start to become connected to experts in the community. The newbie wouldn’t be in danger of ‘getting yelled at’ (reprimanded) here.

This newbie who is looking around the forums (since they are interested in Competitive Battling) would then go to the Competitive Pokemon section. Just for fun, let’s give this newbie a name, Joe. Since Joe has no specific interests, he would go to the 5th Generation Discussion (Since that is the newest Generation of Pokemon [until October 12th]). Being a newbie, Joe would be drawn to the guides. Specifically, a guide called Teambuilding- Ins and Outs. 

This guide would help Joe be able to get together a team of Pokemon that would at least not get him laughed at by experts. Which brings me to the point that I have read. People who spend a lot of time in Competitive Battling sometimes make fun of newbies who use ‘stupid’ strategies or Pokemon. (This thread doesn’t go that far but does illustrate some of the issues.)

This post to be expanded next week.


3 responses to “Pokemon 099: A Newbie Experience (Abridged)

  1. Kevin,
    your blog this week made me laugh! Everytime I read the word ‘newbie’ all I could hear was someone in my head screaming “nooooooooooob!” I think this is pretty much to be expected in any community, online or in real life. It just comes with the territory of being new! Very strong discussion; kuddos.

  2. First of all, I love that your community is Pokemon. I like that your community has a newbie section because it gives them the rules to the community and what is and isn’t appropriate. This will later on help them avoid any feelings of being an outsider and being stuck on that newbie stage forever. If all goes well they will eventually be well versed on the things about your community. Awesome community!

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