Ster (End of the Semester)

Well readers, the semester is now done so I am not required to keep updating this blog. However, I would like to at least every once in a while. I am planning to make the topics more general. There’s already plenty of stuff on the internet about Competitive Pokemon composed by people who know a lot more about it. I know this won’t be the most widely read blog ever. Maybe this will be more for myself than anything.

Anyway, I guess I might as well throw out the opening line of a short story that I have ‘finished’. You can probably deduce that it’s a murder mystery. The topic seemed appropriate for the first story I’ve written on my own. We’ll see if I post any more of it here.

So here it is:

Dexter Johnson watched in horror as the steel sword plunged through his body, the yellow hilt glinting in the moonlight.

This is Kevin signing off.


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